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Welcome to our Tolkien reenactment society website!

The Fellowship of the Green Dragon (la Compagnie du Dragon Vert) is a reenactment society founded in 2006 and based in France. Its chief aim is to create an accurate representation of Middle-earth, the fantasy universe devised by Professor J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of the Lord of the Ring. In order to reach this goal, we use the approach and methods of classical historical reenactment.

Thus we have to interpret the information that can be found in Tolkien's writings or sketches, and we fill in the practical gaps with historical source data, in order to represent what daily life could have been in Middle-earth at the end of the Third Age of the Sun, in the inner chronology.

We carry out the practical results of these theoretical investigations through our private reenactment camps, but also though our participation in fantasy-related or medieval events and festivals. In such occasions, we usually perform various activities such as handicrafts, open-air theatre or swordfighting.

When we organize private camps, we are looking for natural settings that would remind us of the places and times we aim to represent. As a consequence, magical places in which we can find woods, fields, rivers or ancient buildings are ideal to elude modernity.

To represent Tolkien's universe implies some constraints, and one would have to use historically credible materials. Thereby costumes and props would generally be made out of natural materials such as linen, wool, silk, wood, leather, metal, glass, etc. Each member is supposed to create their own character and to equip themselves with personal props : they will then follow the approach defined by the association and tend to respect both Tolkien's descriptions and the global consistency of the group. Fighting characters will be equipped with arms and armors made of real steel, yet all military equipment is secured and regularly checked, and junior members duly practice with trained members – so that Middle-earth battles could then be performed and enjoyed.

Have a nice reenactment experience with the Fellowship of the Green Dragon!

La Compagnie du Dragon Vert
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